Want to make a video for your business on a very small budget? Here are 5 tips that will help you make low-cost explainer videos!


There is no need to tell you that explainer videos are the most effective marketing and promotional tool as you probably already know this! Business companies use explainer videos to capture viewers’ attention wherever they are online, via email marketing, social media platforms, tutorials, vlogs, website content, and much more. But, there is one problem – we usually find ourselves short on budget to create the perfect marketing or promotional campaigns. So, what can we do in this case? Is there an inexpensive strategy?

Of course, there is! In this article, we are going to share 5 tips with you that will help you create low-cost explainer videos:

  1. Come up with a compelling script – Your ultimate goal is to create maximum levels of shareability and consumer engagement through this project. There are videos that can spark powerful emotions in the viewer and usually, people are inspired to move and take actions based on those emotions. So, spend some time and come up with a compelling script. Brainstorm a little!
  2. DIY animation – The animated explainer videos are aesthetically stimulating and you can explain thoughts and concepts more effectively, There are different types of animated videos 2D and 3D and videos based on approach or character based approach and object-based approach.
  3. Rent equipment – In order to keep your costs low, you may want to consider renting an equipment instead of buying one. There are numerous rental companies out there who will want to offer great and professional equipment at affordable prices.
  4. Professional actors or not – There is no need to spend your budget on hiring professional actors. Having your own team talk about your company shows the world and your target group exactly who you are. Besides, can you think of a better person to talk about your company, your brand, and the products you are selling than your own people? We don’t think so! However, if you think that hiring professional actors is a better option for you, don’t go to the talent agencies. Instead, you can put an add and hire student actors.
  5. Video editing software – There are some great video editing software tools you can use to edit your explainer video. iMovie is a great option, as well as Movie Maker. They are easy to use and created to be user-friendly.

There you have it! Now you know how to create great and low-cost explainer videos!

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