Looking for an inspiration for your new explainer video? Take a look at the best B2B explainer videos and discover your inner creativity!


Business companies have been producing all kinds of video materials for years now. We know these videos as ads. In the last couple of years, we have discovered that businesses have invested a lot in marketing and promoting themselves online and at the top of the pyramid is the kind of marketing – video! It is proved that video marketing has a huge impact.

B2B communication was outbound oriented and currently, this trend is moving towards inbound which means that huge opportunities are waiting and cannot wait to be exploited by business owners. Use this opportunity and create a new explainer video for your business company.

Usually, most of the business explainer videos are designed to influence a certain online audience, it can a target group, website visitors or third party websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and video sharing websites.

If you are interested in making a B2B explainer video and you are looking for an inspiration, look no further as you have come to the right place! In this article, we are going to share some of the best B2B explainer videos that will motivate you to create your own perfect business video:

  1. Onlife Health Intro Video – This video is a great example of how to make an explainer video which covers a lot of different areas in 60 seconds. It teaches you that you need to share the most important information about your business in an interesting and creative way.
  2. Zendesk Intro Video – Once you will watch their explainer video you will realize it is a pure magic. It is pretty powerful and a great example of how your B2B explainer video should look like.
  3. Simple Life Overview Video – It is a narrative driven explainer video which connects amazingly with the target group. It takes out all the complexity and leaves a pretty great and unforgettable mark.
  4. Distribution Solution Overview Video – This explainer video demonstrates the hurdles faced by large corporations and how marketing automation software can find a solution to your problem. An inspiring video!
  5. Efficiency Nova Scotia Innovation Video – This video serves as a perfect intro to the idea and how they actually might help you accomplish better business results!

Inspired yet? Gather your creative team and think about what type of video you should do!

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