Humor is certainly a very important tool for engaging an audience! Read and discover the top 3 tips for creating funny explainer videos!


Let’s face it – not all explainer videos are meant to be hilarious, but while the choice of having a funny explainer video depends on what you want to accomplish, humor is certainly a very important tool for engaging an audience. After all, most online users and potential customers are more accepting towards humor than to a traditional direct sales pitch.

In this article, we are going to share the top 3 tips you need to follow to create a funny explainer video:

  1. Using metaphors that just fit perfectly – As you probably know, the first purpose of the explainer video is to make your audience understand your product and your service in the simplest way possible. Presenting a business company or a brand in a way that the target group can relate to them is not easy. But, if you give a deeper thought to this project, you would be able to use effective metaphors. The first tip for you is that you should use metaphors that just fit right. If you can make your target group understand your concept, the video will get a lot more to watch and it will be funny as well.
  2. Get comical characters in your video – If you have funny, comical, and amusing characters in your video, everything would seel funny to the viewers. All you have are 60 seconds and in these 60 seconds, you need to keep the audience engaged. Start a brainstorming process and see what kind of comical characters will pop up in your head.
  3. Use hyperbole – Using rhetorical exaggeration to your new video can work perfectly. It is humorous and at the same time, it is engaging. It automatically draws attention of the viewers and they are all going to be interested in your business and what your brand is all about. If the hyperbole you are trying to use doesn’t really fit the purpose of your explainer video, we suggest you to avoid using it.

We hope these tips have given you a helpful insight into how a hilarious video can engage your target group quite effectively! Humor is a powerful tool, so use it wisely! Use the right jokes at the right time and in the right way! Good luck!

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