There is absolutely no doubt that explainer videos are some of the best tools out there because they really have a way of engaging customers and help them really understand the product or service that you are selling in a much easier way. And while great graphics, interesting colors and a great narrating voice are all very good and necessary elements, they are not enough. As with most things, paying attention to details and really planning things out can be of great help and the same is the case with explainer videos. If you are interested in getting a few tips on how to create the best explainer videos possible, then keep on reading this article.

Keep it nice and simple

Because these videos have become so popular, that has brought the need for some research to be done about what really works. Something that this research has helped people figure out is that they tend to work the best when they are between 60 and 90 seconds. This is because companies have found that people are far more likely to watch a shorter video than they are a longer one and also because people tend to remember things and take things in when they are in shorter format because it can become difficult for them to follow a video that’s long. But for you to be able to keep it short, you also need to keep it simple and you can do that by focusing on four main points: the problem that you are addressing, the solution of the problem, how the product or service that you are offering works and finish with a call to action in which you can tell people what to do next.

Professional explainer videos

Use music

Something that you should definitely include in your videos if you want them to be the best explainer videos is music. A lot of people are hesitant about this, but you’d really be surprised with what music can do. If you choose the right song, you will have the power to not only set the tone and the pace for your video, but you will also be able to evoke all different types of emotions in the people watching it. Sometimes, when creating videos, people will have a specific song in mind and design the video to fit the song and the feeling that they want to represent, but most of the time people simply design the explainer fist and then add a song that they think really goes with the vibe of the video and product. Neither way is wrong and it’s all about what you feel the most comfortable doing.

Try to use a voice that sounds professional

We did mention before that elements such as great graphics and a good narrating voice are also important and we’d like to touch on that a bit more as well, because having everything planed out is important but you also need to capture the customers once they open the video and a good voice can be key. Poor audio is definitely one of the fastest ways to ruin a good explainer video and sometimes the quality can be fine but the voice can sound unprofessional and all of these things can leave the wrong impression. That is why we really recommend that you invest in a professional talent. It may cost you a bit more than you were initially planning to spend on your video, but it is definitely a good investment that will be totally worth it in the end because it will give your video that extra touch that will make it look even more professional.

Being that these videos have proven to be incredible in the sense of marketing, there really shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind about whether you should use one or not. Use these few simple tips and you will find that the whole process will not only be easier, but also a lot more efficient which means that you are only a step away from creating some of the best explainer videos out there.

Professional explainer videos

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